• What is Сryptograin?

    Cryptograin is a service represented by a mobile application and web-version that allows making personal savings in fiat and cryptocurrency assets in automatic and semi-automatic mode, supports the use of highly liquid cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
    The conversion of fiat funds into cryptocurrency assets takes place in real time. The project is ready for global scaling, the team of professionals and financial partners are working every day on the project to make it better.

  • What makes you different from similar services and banks?

    The service allows overcoming the gap between fiat funds and cryptocurrencies, and also offers a full-fledged ecosystem for the process of transferring funds to cryptocurrency and fiat assets.
    You will be able to save money for your own needs (to make savings, for example, to retire or save for a specific goal) using a bank card every day without paying attention to it, i.e. in an automatic mode. The service also works without a bank card binding for permanent payments, and a user has the opportunity to transfer his or her fiat and cryptocurrency funds into the Сryptograin service of fast savings. A user is able to store funds in the wallet of the service, exchange them into other cryptocurrencies, and also withdraw funds to payment cards in fiat currencies.
    And this is not all the features of our service. Due to the fact that a user, for example, will store funds in cryptocurrency, he or she will receive a decentralized savings account for the funds. This service differs from traditional banks. Banks will not be able to ensure the return that digital assets are able to provide, i.e. cryptocurrency.

  • And what makes you different from on-line cryptocurrency wallets?

    Cryptocurrency wallets primarily offer you to store cryptocurrency funds, and many wallets provide the option of exchanging cryptocurrencies. Our service is primarily an accumulation service, as we provide the opportunity to make savings with the help of the tools implemented, to adjust the options of replenishment (fixed, periodic transfers and rounding off when making purchases with debit and credit cards). This is our main difference. Moreover, we will introduce the usual functions of cryptocurrency wallets you have got used to.

  • What features make Сryptograin a promising service?

    The main goal of the Сryptograin service is to provide a convenient and functional savings tool for as many users as possible and to cover a broader target market in a variety of countries.
    What will the application be able to do? Here are some key options:

    • rounding off the sums of transactions when shopping in stores and retail outlets, and automatic transferring of the difference to your wallet service
    • rounding off the sums of transactions when depositing a bank card (incoming funds transfer), and automatic transferring of the difference to your wallet service
    • performing a fixed daily transfer of identified sum to your wallet service
    • performing a fixed weekly transfer of identified sum to your wallet service
    • performing a fixed monthly transfer of identified sum to your wallet service
    • transferring funds to your wallet service in accordance with a convenient schedule and the
    • amount chosen
    • performing an instant exchange of cryptocurrencies in the service chat, with "cryptograin"
    • protection of the transaction
    • performing an instant transfer of cryptocurrencies in the service chat to another user of the
    • service, with "cryptograin" protection of the transaction
    • inviting friends to the service and participating in the loyalty program allowing to get bonuses
    • issuing gift certificates with different value in cryptocurrency
    • withdrawing funds to digital wallets and debit cards
    • investing in securities

  • What accumulating services does your application offer?

    At the first stage, our service offers an accumulating option. In the future, we plan to expand the infrastructure and integrate third-party services into the ecosystem. We also plan to develop new services.

  • How can I save money with your service?


    Bob and Sarah had a baby. Bob and Sarah started to think about the necessity to accumulate funds in order to spend them on the education of their child in the future. Traditional ways of saving (bank deposit, investment in securities, etc.) could not provide exponential growth of capital.
    Therefore, Bob used Cryptograin service - he added his bank card to the service, and each time he paid with the card in a supermarket, Bob's account was credited in his national currency, automatically converted into cryptocurrency (that was what Bob chose in settings - accumulating in cryptocurrency). Thus, making 3 purchases per month, Bob got 15 USD to his account on a monthly basis.
    A monthly growth of the cryptocurrency was 5%. Thus, by the end of the month, Bob had 15.25 USD.


    Bob decided to invest his savings in cryptocurrency assets on a regular basis, so that the process of accumulation was as convenient as possible and did not require constant involvement from Bob. Therefore, he chose Cryptograin service.
    In this accumulation service, Bob chose to deposit the funds to his account twice a week, as Bob just did not have enough time to regularly do it on his own. In order regular transfers not to hit Bob in the pocket and his family budget, he set up in the service that each transaction was 5 USD, and the accumulation of funds to be in fiat currency (that was what Bob chose in settings - accumulating in fiat currency).
    Thus, every week Bob save 10 USD, that is 40 USD per month and 480 USD per year. Bob was able to accumulate 480 USD with the help of Cryptograin service, which was an achievement, as earlier it did not work for him.


    Bob’s friend invited him to celebrate his birthday, so, Bob decided to give his friend a cryptocurrency certificate as a birthday present. Through Cryptograin service, he printed a gift certificate for the friend on paper, with the value of 100 USD. Bob hopes that his friend will appreciate his present, because the friend will automatically receive 100 USD in cryptocurrency, signing up for Cryptograin service, and if he does not spend it immediately, he will be able to accumulate capital due to increasing value of the cryptocurrency.
    In the gift certificate, it is possible to set a date when the certificate can be used. For example: a child is 5 years old. You have decided that he will be able to use this certificate only when he is 18 years old. Thus, this certificate will work as an investment.

  • How can I contact you?

    Contact us through the e-mail: support@cryptograin.io

  • When are you going to launch your application?

    We are going to open the service for all users in Q1, 2019. Also, please, follow the news of our service.

  • Is there a road map?

    Yes – you can find it in our White Paper.

  • When does the ICO starts?

    We start to sell tokens at 12:00 (UTC +3) 25.06.2018

  • What cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase CGR token?

    To participate in CGR token sale, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

  • What is “token sale”?

    We offer the primary sale of CGR tokens (Сryptograin) as opposed to traditional methods of attracting financing to allow the community to participate in the implementation of our successful idea.

  • Where should I send funds?

    The collection of funds will be carried out through the «Personal Account».

  • What are the terms of participation in CGR token sale?

    Full terms of participation in CGR token sale are indicated in White Paper.

  • When will I receive the purchased CGR tokens?

    CGR tokens will be issued and sent to participants as soon as the token sale is over.

  • How many times can I buy CGR tokens?

    Each participant is allowed to make multiple purchases during the crowdsale.

  • Is there a bounty reward program?

    Yes, you can find detailed information about the bounty campaign here click here

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